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"Comprehensive Assistance for Teacher Training Programs"

National College for Teacher Education offers a comprehensive array of pre-primary teacher training programs designed to empower aspiring early childhood educators with a diverse skill set necessary to meet the educational objectives of pre- and primary students. Our internationally recognized teacher training courses cater to individuals preparing to become part of the global educational landscape. These courses are crafted to equip both aspiring and practicing educators with cutting-edge methodologies and innovative approaches crucial for navigating 21st-century pre-primary classrooms.

At the National College for Teacher Education, our faculty comprises highly qualified and accomplished teacher trainers with extensive experience across various teaching and training levels. Our dynamic tutors not only provide robust support but also foster student engagement, encouraging active participation while promoting effective learning strategies.

The goal of the National College for Teacher Education is to empower educators with the tools and knowledge needed to excel in the dynamic field of early childhood education, ensuring they are well-prepared to face the opportunities and challenges within today’s educational landscape.

"Help from Tutors in Your Studies"

Trainees joining any of our programs—like teaching young kids, Montessori training, nursery teaching, and early childhood education—can count on solid help from the experienced teachers at the National College for Teacher Education. These teachers know their stuff and are committed to helping trainees reach their learning goals. With lots of experience, these teachers give great support for studies and guide trainees through all parts of teaching, giving helpful advice every step of the way.

At National College for Teacher Education, we always check to make sure our teaching is top-notch. Our teachers keep on supporting trainees to learn on their own. They share what they know in a helpful way that relates to what’s being taught. They check how trainees are doing all through the program, keeping them interested and excited. We focus on looking at how trainees are doing on their work, and our teachers take about 7 to 10 days to give feedback. Trainees get positive comments along with their grades in every subject.

"Learning Experience at National College for Teacher Education"

From top-notch training to promising career opportunities, the National College for Teacher Education goes beyond just teaching—it creates a memorable journey for trainees that stays with them for life. We’re always pushing boundaries, and improving our courses and lesson plans in education. Collaborating with national and international academic groups helps us boost the quality of teacher training, preparing educators with the skills needed for future classrooms.

Our training comes in different learning styles:

Classroom Learning – If you prefer learning in a social setting with hands-on activities, our in-person programs are perfect for you.

Live Online Sessions – Engage in live interactions with instructors and peers through our online classes, creating a simulated classroom experience.

Self-Paced Online Courses – Dive into teaching methods at your own pace through online courses. These include reading materials, videos, and various resources to enhance your learning.

Evaluation & Assessment at National College for Teacher Education

At the National College for Teacher Education, we encourage our trainees not only to study but to truly understand and apply their learning in both theory and practice. This approach helps them grasp the best teaching methods and reflect on their training when they step into teaching roles. Trainees engage with module-based reflective questions alongside multiple-choice questions. Advanced courses include research modules and similar assignments to deepen their understanding.

Our evaluation process solely relies on assessment criteria and rubrics aligned with our learning goals. Teaching Practice and Micro-teaching form crucial components of our assessment, measuring the effectiveness of teaching. We assess based on performance domains, expected domain standards, and evaluation rubrics to ensure a comprehensive evaluation.

Grading System 

At the National College for Teacher Education, completion of all compulsory phases, including micro-teaching, and optionally, teaching practice, within the designated timeframe, is necessary for certification. Assignments will receive comments and grades but won’t display specific marks. Upon successful course completion, trainees will receive a grade sheet alongside their certificate.

Transcript (Grade Sheet) 

A transcript serves as an official record of the trainee’s academic performance, featuring final marks validated by the respective evaluator. Prospective employers or educational institutions often request this document during application processes.

National College for Teacher Education employs a standard-based assessment approach, utilizing a predefined rubric to evaluate trainee performance against established learning outcomes and standards. A grading system is typically utilized.

Requesting a Grade Sheet 

Online students receive a soft copy of their grade sheets. In-class students can request their grade sheets through their assigned coordinators. For a hard copy of the grade sheet, additional charges may apply.

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