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National College for Teacher Education (NCFTE) is a top Platform that helps people become great teachers. After Enrolling in the International Diploma in Teaching, We teach them the best ways to teach and understand different ways of teaching. This helps them succeed in classrooms all around the world.


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5 Reasons Why NCFTE Offers International Teaching Diploma in India

Class Curriculum

Best-in-Class Curriculum

At NCFTE, you get the best education with a curriculum that covers everything you need for a successful career in International Teaching Diploma.


Amazing Teachers

The faculty at NCFTE is experienced and caring. They are the best at what they do and keep up with the latest trends in International Teaching Diploma.

Practical Training

Hands-On Learning

NCFTE believes in learning by doing. You won't just study theory but will also gain practical skills that are crucial for real-world success.


Awesome Facilities

The classrooms and libraries at NCFTE are top-notch, providing a fantastic environment for learning and growing.

Helpful Career Support

NCFTE helps you kickstart your career in early childhood education by partnering with top preschools, ensuring fantastic job opportunities after you finish your International Teaching Diploma program.

Teacher with students

About International Teaching Diploma

The International Teaching Diploma Course at National College for Teacher Education is a practical program for those wanting to teach kids aged 2-12. It covers Nursery, Primary, Montessori, and Kindergarten teaching. The focus is on helping you handle classroom tasks and understand how kids learn, with effective lesson planning.

Getting certified with this diploma from National College for Teacher Education opens up good opportunities in your teaching career. After completing the course, you’re set to teach kids between 2-12 years old. It’s a more advanced course, ideal if you want a deeper understanding of teaching young children. They include case studies and research, giving you a hands-on feel. So, if you’re aiming for a solid career in teaching, this course at National College for Teacher Education is worth exploring.

Is International Teaching Diploma a Good Career Option?

Deciding if the International Diploma in Teaching is a good career option depends on what you want. If you enjoy teaching and want to work with kids globally, it could be a good choice. Here are some things to consider:

  1. Job Opportunities: This diploma can open up teaching jobs in different parts of the world. If you like the idea of an international career, it might be a good fit.

  2. Satisfaction in Work: Teaching can be rewarding, especially if you like helping students learn and grow. If making a positive impact on young lives appeals to you, this could be a fulfilling career.

  3. Learning and Advancement: The program might offer chances to learn more and advance in your career. This could include getting additional qualifications or special training, which may be valuable for your professional growth.

  4. Potential Earnings: Depending on where you teach, salaries for international educators can be competitive. If you’re interested in earning well while doing meaningful work, this could be a positive aspect.

Career Scope after International Teaching Diploma Course?

Discover a world of career possibilities in the International Teaching Diploma with the National College for Teacher Education (NCFTE)’s International Teaching Diploma Course! Our successful graduates make a difference in top schools in India and overseas, paving the way for a promising future in this fulfilling field.

Here’s what you can do after completing the International Teaching Diploma Course:

  • Montessori: This course is centered around Maria Montessori’s educational philosophy, emphasizing a child-centric approach within a guided environment.

  • Nursery Training: Candidates undergo training in different teaching methodologies tailored for nursery-level education, enhancing their ability to teach young children effectively.

  • Pre and Primary: A comprehensive program enabling candidates to educate children aged 2-12 years, covering a broad range of teaching techniques suitable for early and primary education.

  • Early Childhood Care & Education (ECCE): This course focuses on instructing candidates on how to care for and nurture children from birth to childhood. Ideal for those aiming to work with very young children, ECCE provides valuable insights into early childhood development.

  • Child Psychology: Candidates delve into the study of child psychology, gaining a better understanding of the psychological processes of children. This knowledge is crucial for educators to connect with and support the children they interact with.

  • Special Needs: This segment of the course exposes candidates to various learning disabilities and trains them in behavioral management techniques. It equips educators to cater to the diverse needs of students with special requirements. 

Join NCFTE’s International Teaching Diploma Course and unlock opportunities to shape young minds and make a difference in education!

International Teaching Diploma Qualification

The Diploma and Post Graduate Diploma in International Teaching programs usually require the following qualifications:

  • For International Teaching Diploma’s Qualification you need 10+2 or equivalent in any stream from a recognized board.
  • Graduation in any field for the postgraduate program.
  • Minimum age limit of 18 year

International Teaching Diploma Fee Structure


Registration Fees

5000 Rs.


Course Fees

27,000 Rs.


Exam Fees

3000 Rs.


Total Fees

35,000 Rs.

Meet Your Instructors

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Career and Placements

Roles After International Diploma in Teaching Course

  1. Classroom Teacher
  2. Educational Consultant
  3. Curriculum Developer
  4. Special Education Teacher
  5. Education Administrator
  6. Education Researcher
  7. Teacher Trainer
  8. Online Educator
  9. International School Teacher
  10. Private Tutor
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Admission Process

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Frequently Ask Questions

The duration of International Diploma in Teaching programs at the National College for Teacher Education (NCTE)  course is:

  • Diploma course: 3 month

The eligibility criteria for the International Diploma in Teaching course at NCFTE is:

  • Diploma (3 month): 10+2

Yes, the National College for Teacher Education offers International Diploma in Teaching courses in online mode. Students can pursue these courses from the comfort of their homes

NCFTE’s International Diploma in Teaching courses offer numerous benefits, including:

    1. Upon course completion, you’ll receive a globally recognized certificate, allowing you to teach anywhere in the world.

    2. The course offers the opportunity to learn the most up-to-date teaching skills and methodologies.

    3. You will gain knowledge in effective class and student management procedures through the program.

Yes, designed to be internationally recognized for teaching in various countries.

Graduates can pursue roles like classroom teachers, educational consultants, curriculum developers, and special education teachers.

Open to individuals interested in teaching, typically requiring a high school diploma or equivalent.

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